1. Only adult persons (aged over eighteen), having full legal capacity, can participate in the classes.
  2. Admission passes or single admission fees should be settled with the class instructor.
  3. The attendee is allowed to participate in the classes in the time period resulting from the purchased admission pass.
  4. The schedule of organised classes is available on the www.joga-gliwice.eu website and the dates of the classes are subject to the relevant admission pass.
  5. In case of a single absence within the time period resulting from the admission pass, the class can be rescheduled in agreement with the instructor. Any further absences cannot be rescheduled and is not liable for any refund.
  6. Classes should be attended at least 2 hours after a meal.
  7. Practice takes place barefoot and in clothing permitting unrestricted movement. It is recommended to bring one’s own yoga mat.
  8. The participant states that their health status permits the participation in the classes. Please seek medical advice in case of doubts whether the participation is recommended due to medical conditions.
  9. All health conditions influencing the practice should be reported to the instructor before the class commencement.
  10. The participant is obliged to follow the Instructor’s recommendations and adjust the type and class intensity to their own abilities and health status.
  11. Women in the menstruation period should consider whether their well-being and health permits the participation in the classes. Pregnant women are required to provide a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindictations to practice yoga.
  12. The attendee participates in the classes on their own responsibility and risk.
  13. In case of the occurrence of alarming symptoms during the classes (intensification of health issues), the activity should be ceased instantly and the situation reported to the Instructor.
  14. The participant bears the risk of injuries resulting from the activities conducted during the classes.
  15. All mobile phones should be switched off before entering the workout room.
  16. Studio Jogi Izabeli Raczkowskiej does not take responsibility for the safekeeping or loss of items brought to the facility. It is recommended to refrain from bringing valuable items to the classes.
  17. The class participants are obliged to maintain cleanliness and conform to widely accepted behaviour norms.
  18. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and to carry or consume alcohol or drugs on the premises of the yoga studio. It is also forbidden to arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to carry dangerous tools or objects.
  19. Persons violating the order may be asked to leave the Studio premises.
  20. It is forbidden to record image or sound without the Instructor’s permission.
  21. Participation in the classes organised by Studio Jogi Izabeli Raczkowskiej is at the same time a commitment to adhere to the above terms and conditions.

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