My name is Iza Raczkowska. My first contact with yoga took place in the 90s due to a search for a more conscious and holistic form of physical activity. I needed a form of movement which would engage my mind as well as my body. During my work in the orthopaedic and rehabilitation clinic I have obtained the experience associated with working with persons suffering from locomotive organ disorders as well as osteoarticular diseases. I have two physiotherapy courses diplomas of the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw. I am a certified (Polish state licence) Physical Recreation Instructor with the Hatha Yoga specialisation – diploma obtained under the supervision of prof. Janusz Szopa from the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. I practiced Astanga Vinyasa Yoga under the supervision of Patrycja Gawlińska in Gliwice and finished the Vinyasa Krama teacher course under the supervision of Maciek Wielobob in Krakow. I am currently attending the “Psychosomatic yoga practices” post-graduate specialisation course at the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw under the supervision of prof. Leszek Kulmatycki. I participate in numerous yoga workshops and seminars both in the country and abroad. I never cease to learn and develop. I write about the philosophy and practice associated with yoga as well as about the healthy diet on the https://joga-abc.pl , http://bosonamacie.pl , http://www.portalyogi.pl/blog/ and  http://www.joga-joga.pl portals. I cooperate with two magazines, the YOGA & AYURVEDA (www.yoga-mag.pl) and the JOGA bi-monthly magazine (www.magazynjoga.pl) where I regularly publish my articles about healthy eating and lifestyle, Ayurveda and yoga. For many years I have been a vegetarian passionate about the healthy cuisine. I am truly interested in healthy eating, herbalism and natural medicine – especially ajurweda. This interest has resulted in the creation of my blog – www.izaraczkowska.pl. I love Asia and its culture. I regularly travel, visit and submerge in its diversity. Each of the journeys enriches me and teaches me something new. I am best defined by the words curiosity, energy and optimism – these features allow me to appreciate all aspects of life. I am also a mother of two small people and a happy wife.

My name is Marzena Dudek. Eight years ago, when I first stood on the yoga mat, I felt the connection of my body and my mind through yoga. At that moment I knew that I will never stop practicing. The adventure with yoga allowed me to feel and observe the changes in my body and psyche. It has also allowed me to obtain a greater self-awareness, harmony and balance between the inner and outer world. Through the yoga practice I feel I am on the right path...

For two years I’ve taken great pleasure in sharing my passion through my classes. I have a Physical Recreation Instructor diploma with the specialisation of the hatha-yoga system. I also have an aerial yoga course certificate. I develop my knowledge and practice through the associated literature and the participation in various workshops.

Aside from yoga, I am passionate about other forms of exercise such as jogging, dancing or swimming. Recently, I am also interested in horse riding and snowboarding. I enjoy painting and indulge in various forms of artistic creation. I am also a vegetarian and a mother of two children - Martynka and Mikołaj.

My name is Ewa Maciejowska-Figiel and I am deeply in love with yoga since 4 years, when I first found my way to Iza’s classes. Sport has always been a part of my life, however, an illness did not allow me to continue the development of my passion in a sport high school. After a long break I was in search of a physical activity which would satisfy my endorphin hunger. That is when I found Her! Yoga dynamically entered my life, starting with changing my body, through a lesson in humility to finding my own space filled with deep joy and serenity. And the best part is that the yoga path never ends and I feel that it will be with me forever.

I am currently learning to be an instructor from Iza and participate in the physical recreation instructor course with the HATHA YOGA specialisation. Whenever possible I participate in workshops and strive to deepen my knowledge. Aside from yoga I enjoy snowboarding, sunbathing, watching movies and listening to my favourite music.

Magda Mironowicz – admirer of ashtanga yoga, travelling and a master mobile phone photographer. I am perpetually curious and tied with yoga since my studies. I have finished the ashtanga vinyasa yoga RYT 200 teacher course and I am a certified yin yoga teacher. I strive to deepen my knowledge and extend my horizons through continuous participation in courses, trainings, workshops and journeys as well as through reading and practicing yoga.